22+ High DA Dofollow Image Submission Sites in 2020

22+ High DA Dofollow Image Submission Sites in 2020

Image sharing is one of the page techniques in SEO, that helps in driving traffic if you have eye-catching posts or picture surely you will be able to get huge traffic and high-quality links.

If you are asking about SEO, photo sharing is a way to get back links to our blog.

While for sharing image there are options to add tags and using these tags we can easily add our link which search engines take as a backlink.

Because of it, you will get nice follow links, and there are many chances of the image going viral on Imgur if it is good enough.

22+ Dofollow Image Submission Sites List in 2020-

Image Submission SiteDomain AuthorityPage AuthoritySite URLFlickr.com9897Go To SiteImgur.com9494Go To SiteFotolog.com7781Go To SiteDropshots.com5453Go To SitePinterest.com10098Go To SiteDiigo.com8789Go To SiteTumblr.com9996Go To SiteInstagram.com9997Go To SiteDeviantart.com9394Go To SiteImageshack.us9289Go To SitePhotobucket.com9284Go To Sitetwitpic.com8880Go To SiteSmugmug.com8487Go To SiteMediafire.com8991Go To Site4Shared.com8386Go To Site500px.com8891Go To SiteShutterfly.com8688Go To SiteWeheartit.com8587Go To SitePbase.com8288Go To SitePhoto.net8083Go To SiteImagevenue.com5662Go To SiteSlickpic.com5058Go To SiteImageevent.com5352Go To SiteDayviews.com4452Go To Site

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